So I managed to get in to a PUG of Onyxia last night.

Man was I dissapointed.

Sure she hits pretty hard, and it's in your best interest to bring 3 healers, but the fight hasn't changed at all.

Ok, so they added one additional add that spawns. Woo.

Other than that, it's the usual:

Phase 1: Spank and tank.

Phase 2: Kill things and stay out of DB.

Phase 3: Spank and tank.

And for all of that effort you get 232 loot. Like really? I was expecting more. Oh well, guess I'll just collect my Thunderstrike and move on.


So I went to ToC....

Well ToC 10 anyway. In a PuG.

Holy crap it was easy.

So easy that it made me feel dumber for being there.

All of the fights only had 1 or 2 mechanics that you had to worry about. All for 15 triumph badges. I'll post more details and screens when my guild does it next week.



This: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=49302

Stupid Server

We were all set to finish our 8m Naxx run last night - except our server was down.

For most of the night.

Well yay for extended lockouts. At least we can finish it some other time.

On Tuesday we will take our first foray into Onyxia's lair. I've been hearing that it's actually stupid easy. That makes me feel sad. I liked the original Ony encounter. I guess we'll see just how easy it is on Tuesday.

Also, we'll be heading into ToC finally as well. After we've got those down every week, we can start working on Ulduar hard-er modes.


General Died.

And all it took was for our Rogue to log on. Seriously. First try with him in the raid (he was a little late) and we downed him.

And our healers were out of mana for almost the entire last minute of the fight.

I pulled ~3500 dps, including a 20% haste debuff. With crappy trinkets. I was happy :)

We're taking a week off as a couple of our group are taking trips. We're gonna work on 8man Naxx (yay extended lockouts!).

Dead General screen below:


Mimiron is Dead.

So we downed Mimiron last night.

Here's a picture!

We cruised right through Phases 1 and 2 for the most part. Dealing with the Bombs in Phase 3 turned out to be the most annoying part. I just taunted and ate as many as I could.

P4 can also get very hectic - just recognizing the Rockets, Shock Blast, and Laser Barrage can be a bit much to keep track of sometimes.

The best part? He dropped loot we didn't need! Go Holy Paladin Belt! /sigh

We're on to General on Thursday. Very doable, just need to manage the Saronite Vapors better, and make sure he doesn't get healed. General's trash was actually a LOT of fun strangely - we were required to use CC for the first time in 1.5 years (and no I'm not kidding). We hadn't used it since ZA Bear runs.

I'm really looking forward to killing that guy. Then we can let the instance reset and do it all again. We will probably kill Yogg next reset - then it's on to ToC before starting hard modes.


Raiding again...

So, 2 weeks (for a total of just over 8 hours) of raiding, and my team has cleared the following:

Naxx, Sarth 1d, Maly, and up to Mimi.

In 8 hours.

I also forgot to mention that about 30% of our team had not seen Ulduar before. Oh, and we got the Razorscale achievement too.

The raid lockout extension feature is positively amazing. We took our sweet time making it through Ulduar, knowing that we would have as much time as we want/need to actually finish it. It makes raiding a lot less stressful, and you hardly ever get burnt out. Going twice a week for 2 hours a night is really a lot of fun.

Our group consists of:

Prot Paladin MT
Feral Druid OT/DPS (Me)
Resto Shaman Healer
Holy Priest Healer
Moonkin/Shadowpriest Offheal/DPS (they share a spot)
Fury Warrior DPS
Rogue DPS
Warlock DPS
Hunter DPS
Mage DPS

It's a lot more spread out than our last group. A lot less congestion on some of the tokens as well. It's working great.

I'm looking forward to Mimiron tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun.


I'm back now.

I took quite a break from WoW during the summer - and famously told all of my friends that Blizzard had until Blizzcon (yes I did attend) to get me back.

Well they got me. Although you can mostly blame Darwog and Bingo (Suramar-US) for it.

I've also shelved my Death Knight indefinitely. Playing my Feral Druid is just infinitely more fun. Not to mention her gear is equal to or better than my DK's.

I haven't had any experience with the new ToC raid yet. However I have done the new 5 man, and I'm a bit dissapointed.

For 1, there's no way to skip the heinously long dialogue. Sure it's cool the first few times, but after that you just want to go afk for 5 minutes while the opening scene finishes.

Second it's absurdly easy. Seriously. Like so easy it's insulting. Granted my druid is decked in 213 gear or above, but it's still easy. I was hoping for something that provided something that looked like a challenge.

Third - for something so easy the rewards are wayyyyyyy too good. The tanking trinket is amazing, and the gear you can get from Heroic surpasses a lot of the Ulduar 10 gear.

Finally, you don't get badges in heroic mode. That's just dissapointing. Wth kind of use do I have for Champion's seals? Really?

Arg. I want Cataclysm!