Raiding again...

So, 2 weeks (for a total of just over 8 hours) of raiding, and my team has cleared the following:

Naxx, Sarth 1d, Maly, and up to Mimi.

In 8 hours.

I also forgot to mention that about 30% of our team had not seen Ulduar before. Oh, and we got the Razorscale achievement too.

The raid lockout extension feature is positively amazing. We took our sweet time making it through Ulduar, knowing that we would have as much time as we want/need to actually finish it. It makes raiding a lot less stressful, and you hardly ever get burnt out. Going twice a week for 2 hours a night is really a lot of fun.

Our group consists of:

Prot Paladin MT
Feral Druid OT/DPS (Me)
Resto Shaman Healer
Holy Priest Healer
Moonkin/Shadowpriest Offheal/DPS (they share a spot)
Fury Warrior DPS
Rogue DPS
Warlock DPS
Hunter DPS
Mage DPS

It's a lot more spread out than our last group. A lot less congestion on some of the tokens as well. It's working great.

I'm looking forward to Mimiron tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun.

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