ICC 10m - First Impressions

So we've had 3 nights in ICC so far - which comes out to about 6 hours give or take.

Night 1 we killed Lord Marrowgar after about 5 or 6 attempts. Mostly to get the group composition right and getting the tanks to wake up after the comatose zone that was ToC.

Tanks actually have to pay attention during this fight, which is a welcome change. I'd recommend starting with 3 healers on this fight - if one gets impaled it can get quite messy if you only have 2.

Other than that it's a classic "Don't stand in the fire" fight.

Lady Deathwhisper is easily the hardest of the first four:

We barely squeaked by on the 10 minute enrage timer. This is a careful balance between killing adds and DPSing the boss. If you lose anyone in this fight (especially early) things can get out of control really fast. I'd recommend having a Feral Druid or DK for your offtank so they can provide additional DPS (Kitty / Blood) during P1 as you only need 1 tank. If you have 2 DPS with your tanks on the adds you should be okay.

Target switching is essential. Ranged has to switch to certain types of adds to kill them quickly to prevent a wipe.

I'd reccommend having 3 healers for this fight as well.

Gunship is absurdly easy.

You only need 2 healers for this fight - but it's still a lot of fun.

Kill guys that come on your ship, jump over and kill the mage, jump back, repeat.

Sounds simple but it's still REALLY COOL.

We had a couple of attempts at Saurfang before our night ended and got him down to ~25%. Once we learn how to manage his power generation and focus fire beasts down quick we should be fine.

But for now we are adjourned until January 5th.

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