Blizzcon: Question Reactions

So I watched the Blizzcon live stream over the weekend. And since I really, really, really haven't been playing for a long time, I thought that I would throw down my reactions to some of the WoW related questions and announcements that are Feral and/or Druid related.

Credit to MMO-Champion for making it convenient for me to see the Q&A so I don't have to re-watch all of the panels.

- I'm really excited about 5mans actually requiring skill. I'm also excited that the CC changes made in Wrath will make it so that most classes will be able to CC effectively.

- In-Game AtlasLoot continues the vein of Blizzard adopting community mods into the stock UI.

- "Cutting out the suck" of Classic Dungeons earned massive approval, mine too. So much of the suck of Classic Dungeons makes me aggro.

"Are we going to see another caster legendary weapon that isn't a mace?"

I think it is actually the caster's turn to see a Legendary, and you can even make it cross-class if you make it a Dagger or Staff. Granted I would rather see a Feral weapon, but I think I can survive without one.

"That said [Vengeance] shouldn't feel mandatory."

This made me very, very, very, very, very, very, very angry. I actually made an absurdly vulgar tweet about it. Vengeance is extremely mandatory for raiding, especially at 80. When you have Mages that can pull 15k dps without even trying too hard, Vengeance is most definitely required.

At best on a spank-n-tank fight Mages end with around 75% of my threat. If I didn't have Vengeance, they would pull every 5 seconds. To be fair I suspect that DPS and TPS are balanced around 85, but still. That's a blatantly false statement with the information I have available right now.

Wild Mushrooms, currently it does a lot of damage if you stack 3 on top of each other. It has a small range though, and the targeting makes it a bit hard to stack on them. Are there any plans to change it at all?

They completely dodged this question. It was asked by a Balance Druid that wanted to know if there were any plans to make the spell easier to use. Granted the answer of "Ferals use it to pull adds" was kinda interesting. However, when a Moonkin asks you directly "This spell is terrible to use for DPS, can we make it easier?" It's generally a good idea to answer it.

[NomNomNom's] an internet meme that will be less funny in a year, and will embarrass us in 3 years.

Ok, now at least I understand. Granted I was in love with the name "NomNomNom" when it was first announced as a talent name. However I understand their reasoning.\

Hunters are the only class in the game with a minimum range. This hurts us a lot in raids. They can stand directly in front of you, they can repeatedly stand in front of you and use a ranged attack, why can't Hunters do the same thing and stack near the boss?

This guy was an idiot. You would've have to have heard his voice to understand why, but he's stupid. You can't shoot a bow at something that's right in front of you. Deal with it. Scrub.

I love what you guys have done with WoW, I love that there's a lot of strong female chars, though I wonder if we can have some that didnt look like they came out of a Victoria's Secrets catalogue?

Which catalogue would you like them step out of then? We feel ya, we want to vary our female chars more in the future. So yeah we'll pick different catalogues.

I had mixed feelings about this. While on one level I agree with the person who posed the question, and I felt the response from the devs was a bit chauvanistic, I then sat down to think about it. The only really "badly" dressed women are the badguys. All of the PCs are basically fully clothed in armor, and Jaina is pretty darn conservatively dressed. Granted characters like Alexstraza are pretty revealing, but they're dragons. They're allowed.

That said, I wouldn't really mind if things changed.

That's all for now. You can expect kill videos and fun stuff once Cata launches and I get to 85.

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