I love eating things.

Really. I love eating things.

Or to be more accurate, my Druid loves eating things. I never could get a handle on PvP on my Death Knight (my brother managed to, heh) but I've always loved playing as a Feral Druid. Initially I was skeptical because of the massive changes to Feral Druids. However after Blizzard finally realized that tiny mana pools were actually a HUGE problem for Ferals, and gave us epic reduced shifting costs, we got our utility back.

Now we actually can shift in and out as necesarry, heal ourselves, etc.

I've also come to realize that Feral Druids do incredibly powerful DPS in a PvP setting. Once I had Savage Roar up I was getting 3k crit Mangles on a Shaman. A Shaman. 6.5k Ferocious Bites were also very common on clothies. Not to mention the fact that we have a 3min cd "I Win" button against Warlocks. Not like I ever needed one before but ever since it was released in Pre-BC it was just amusing.

Oh and this is all in 187 Blues or worse except my weapon (Titansteel Destroyer) and Hateful Bracers.

It scares me to think what will happen once I actually have some gear.

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