Ulduar 1/14 - Flame Leviathan

Ulduar Part 1 - The Siege

The Siege of Ulduar consists of 4 different bosses that guard the outside of Ulduar against the advancing forces of the Dwarves, Earthen, and you.

Overall the 10 man (or "Normal") version of these encounters are actually stupifyingly easy. They have gone through several rounds of nerfs - the latest of which was totally un-called for. Regardless each of the encounters is very simple considering the loot you can get.

#1 - Flame Leviathan

Makeup: 2 Siege Engines, 2 Demolishers, 2 Choppers

You will split your raid into the 6 vehicles. The Siege Engines and the Demolishers both have a pilot and a gunner, while the Choppers just have a pilot.

You will now proceed down a giant hall of trash and towers. You need to knock out the little towers so the trash stops spawning. Also, there will be 4 large towers you need to destroy - as these will weaken FL. If you leave any of them up - you will unlock a "hard mode" and FL will be tougher to kill. As of yet we haven't attempted an FL hard mode yet - so I can't give any tips on that.

Once the trash is all dead FL will automatically enter the zone and the encounter will begin. Make sure your vehicles are all as healthy as they can be because once the encounter starts you will not be able to repair them.

FL will pick a random Siege Engine or Demolisher and start chasing after them. If you are being followed you have to run away from FL for 30 seconds - after which he picks a new target.

Choppers should be dumping oil in FL's path to slow him down, and Siege Engine gunners should be lighting this on fire as it does an incredible amount of damage.

FL begins the encounter with 2 turrets. When these turrets are killed he becomes stunned and takes an additional 50% damage for a short period of time. To kill these turrets the Demolisher gunners will have to be launched ontop of him - so make sure you either pick 2 melee or 2 casters. Hunters don't work very well unless you use 2 of them as they can only attack the turret across from them. Once the turrets are dead the people ontop of FL will drop off and have to be picked up by a Chopper or face certain death.

You will want your vehicles to stay out of melee range of FL at all times - as he has a very devastating "Ram" ability that hits for north of 100k on a vehicle and has a short CD. The only other ability you need to worry about on the normal mode is "Flame Jets". This needs to be interrupted ASAP by the Siege Engines or the turret-killers will die almost instantly when they fall off the side.

Despite appearances this encounter is very very easy and you should have no trouble beating it at all.

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