Team Waffle Podcast Episode 4

Is now up.

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  1. WTB hyperlinked URLs. ;)

  2. i waited all this time for a new post and i get 5 words and a hyperlink. That makes me a sad panda.

    Also what is up with these word verifications? I have no problem doing them, but what is codulea?

  3. Huh? I have no idea what that is >.>

  4. Oh, I think it's to prevent spam. I don't really know.

  5. Yeah it is to prevent spam from automated programs but some of the things it comes up with are really weird.

    Also i saw that Tang posted a comment over on reesi's blog that they were looking into threat for bears right now. Do we have any numbers on where we are sitting relative to the other tanks, cause i feel lower. I'm not complaining about it cause ill just let things smack my dps in the face until they understand but I am kind of curious if we did actually go from highest overall to lowest.

  6. Tangedyn and Reesi get most of their threat info from me, and I am looking at it.

    In a raid environment I'm not entirely convinced that there is a "problem". However the only real encounter that can give you an accurate picture of what's going on is Double Dragon. I'm waiting for Reesi to post logs of that (tonight) and I'm going to have my own on Saturday.

    From my own anecdotal experience, I haven't had any problems that I couldn't over come by simply popping Berserk at the start of a fight. I can see 5mans being an issue since our TPS output scales downward way worse than DPS output does. However I'm not really sure what the solution to that is at this point.

  7. Yeah thats right, I know where to go for the number crunching.

    when you say Double Dragon I assume you mean Valiona and Theralion but im not entirely sure why you would say that.

    I think I probably will just start popping berserk out of the gate instead of saving it for a burn phase or when I have more vengeance.

  8. Valiona and Theralion is the only encounter where you melee the boss 100% of the time without any outlying differences such as:

    1) Adds
    2) Burn phase
    3) Forced to stop attacking the boss
    4) Shifting to catform


  9. Oh i gotcha, you don't mean that it is the boss you would expect us to lose threat on, you mean its the only boss that will show you how our relative threat is doing on a fight where you only have to worry about your rotation.