Arielle's Bear Threat Spreadsheet - V2.0

Hey kids,

I finally finished out v2.0 of my threat spreadsheet, which is up-to-date with 4.0.6a. I calc'ed out mangle (within a 0.0005% variance - which is good enough for me) and added it to the sheet.

While doing so, I found another bug.

The base damage of Mangle is not multiplied by MSS. It's nothing game breaking or anything, but I mean, come on. It can't be that hard to miss. That's just fucking pathetic.


Here's the sheet yo.


  1. Funny thought. Your blog is Death Kitty. With how this expansion and especially 4.0.6 has gone it sure is correct because kitties are basically dead. All ferals for that matter.

  2. I really hope you are just trolling...

  3. I wish I was trolling. Ferals are in a real bad state right now. If you don't believe me go check the forums. Many long term ferals have quit in the last month including Yawning, Alaron, Kalon to name a few.

  4. @Goodmongo:

    "All ferals for that matter" - lolwut?

    I talk to Yawning all the time. He mostly just got bored. He's a very strange guy. I can't speak for Alaron or Kalon as I don't know them at all. Feral is not dead. It's pretty good, and would be even better if the positional requirement was removed from Shred.

  5. Katarn, what I meant by all ferals is that the bear spec is also in sad shape. Ferals (cat or bear) are just not fun, not doing as well as they have in the past and are not scaling well.

    Yes Yawning did like the math more then playing but he also said on more then one occassion that it was fun anymore and he was upset that Blizz seemed like they just didn't care about fixing ferals.

    But hey, the good news is we get a new icon for pounce come 4.1.

  6. easy fixes are easy- just because they changed an icon doesn't mean the dev team isn't thinking behind the scenes. I'm not trying to say ferals don't have their problems (I fear i complain to my guild too much about them), but to say that we're in sad shape is probably too much of a generalization. Arielle (and others) have pinpointed a lot of the problems with bears as of 4.0.6, and while they're annoying (aoe tanking in my opinion the MOST irritating), nothing is game breaking. Bears are still fun. Dropping stacks on H-Halfus is still fun. Being part of the line-up to pop a healing CD (tranquility) as feral is still fun. Although subjective, let's remember that the sky.is.not.falling.