DKKitty Relaunch

Hey Everyone,

So I've been wanting a place to write sort-of more personal view blogposts for a while. I've been hesitatnt to use TiB for that since it may be viewed as more of an "official" writing rather than just my own personal opinion.

So I've come back to use Death Kitty as my platform.

I'll admit that this was partially inspired by the whole "controversy" over the Mass Effect 3 ending(s) and my desire to add my voice to it. As such, I'll be putting something up tomorrow about my views on Mass Effect 3. It'll probably be really long but well (I hope) worth the read.

I've updated the style as well to be a bit more modern. Let me know what you think.


1 comment:

  1. Yay personal/random blogposts are the most fun! I look forward to your posts. :)