Arielle's Spreadsheet V1.0

So I did a spreadsheet. It shows the AP coeffecients for our threat abilities, except Mangle. I chose to ignore Mangle since it is far, far, far and away our best Threat ability, so modelling it is kind of pointless.

So what I've found so far while doing this, after hours of math:

1) Thrash does not currently consume Omen of Clarity procs. This has to be a bug.
2) The bleed portion of Thrash is affected by Armor. This is contrary to the very definition of a bleed. This has to also be a bug.
3) Pulverize scales like crap. Although since its only purpose is to grant 9% Crit, that doesn't really matter.
4) There's a breakpoint around 9500 AP where Thrash becomes better than Lacereate for Threat. However since Lacerate will trump Thrash for mitigation this won't really matter until possibly T13 or T14.
5) There is also a breakpoint around 20,000 AP where FFF becomes better than Lacerate for threat. However again since Lacerate is better for Mitigation, and that this also depends on the Spell Damage debuff existing, it doesn't have any practical application.
6) All of the Bear damage ability tooltips are incorrect, except FFF.

You can find the spreadsheet here. Let me know if you find anything or have any questions.


  1. Pulverize also doesn't consume OoC procs... still...

    I'm a bit confused on how lacerate is better than FFF for mitigation, since spells innately ignore armor anyway.

  2. Well thrash can be affected by armor because currently it causes the target to bleed for $ which I'm sure must be able to be staunched by a little armor.

  3. Now i'm even more confused... I mentioned lacerate, not thrash. And when you say it's better for threat, are you referring to the initial hit of lacerate, or the bleed ticks? The bleed and FFF should both ignore armor (as bleeds and spells always innately ignore armor) but I don't know if the initial hit of lacerate is affected or not.

  4. Hi Achloryn,

    The initial impact of Lacerate is a phycial hit just like any other, so it is affected by Armor. I didn't include the bleed ticks in my calculations because they do so little damage compared to the initial impact that they are of inconsequential value.

    The reason Lacerate is superior to other abilities for mitigation (Say Thrash or FFF) is because of the Lacerate glyph. 5% Increased crit chance on Lacerate means more SD bubbles, which means more damage absorbed, and less damage that needs to be healed.

    The part that Jey is referencing is the fact that the actual Bleed ticks of Thrash are currently affected by armor. Since they are supposed to be bleeds, this is blatently wrong, and is causing Thrash to generate less threat than it should be.

    Also another important note, both the initial impact hits of Lacerate and Trash are affected by the Mangle debuff. Whether or not this is a bug, I'm not entirely sure.