Gearing your pre-raid Bear Pt 2: Items

I've constructed a pre-raid gear list that has what I am pretty sure are the BiS items/enchants for a Bear. This list was constructed with the following restrictions:

1) No BoP profession specific items. This is not a "is Profession X better than Profession Y" debate.
2) No crafted items that require BoP materials. This means nothing that needs Chaos Orbs.
3) No enchants that need Maelstrom Crystals. I'm pretty sure they are not reliably obtainable outside of raiding, and since this is a pre-raid gearset, well, you see where I'm going with this.
4) Avoid Haste if it all possible. It is a terrible, terrible stat for Bears.
5) The least desirable secondary stat was reforged to Dodge Rating, regardless of what it was.
6) This is for maximum MITIGATION, not THREAT. If you are having threat issues when you start raiding (not likely) you can drop some of the Hit / Expertise reforges.


For the most part gem Agility, unless the socket bonus warrants something else. If you are having survivability issues (ie. not enough health), then switch to primarily gemming Stamina unless the socket bonus warrants it. You will still need 2 Yellow (+Dodge) gems to make your Meta work.


As previously mentioned, reforge the least valuable secondary stat to Dodge Rating.

Item List:

Helm: [Helm of Numberless Shadows]
Reforge: 72 Hit Rating -> 72 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Heroic Dungeon drop from High Priestess Azil in Stonecore.

Necklace: [Pendant of the Lightless Grotto]
Reforge: 44 Crit Rating -> 44 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Heroic Dungeon drop from Ozruk in Stonecore.

Shoulders: [Embrace of the Night]
Reforge: 52 Hit Rating -> 52 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Purchasable with 1650 Justice Points.

Back: [Cloak of Thredd]
Reforge: 44 Crit Rating -> 44 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Heroic Dungeon drop from Helix Gearbreaker in Deadmines.

Chest: [Vest of Misshapen Hides]
Reforge: 64 Crit Rating -> 64 Dodge Rating
Obainted: Heroic Dungeon drop from Erudax in Grim Batol.

Wrist: [Double Dealing Bracers]
Reforge: 44 Crit Rating -> 44 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Heroic Dungeon drop from Lord Walden in Shadowfang Keep.

Hands: [Stormbolt Gloves]
Reforge: 67 Haste Rating -> 67 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Exalted Reputation with Wildhammer Clan.

Waist: [Sash of Musing]
Reforge: 52 Expertise Rating -> 52 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Purchasable with 1650 Justice Points.

Legs: [Leggings of the Burrowing Mole]
Reforge: 64 Expertise Rating -> 64 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Purchasable with 2200 Justice Points.

Feet: [Boots of the Predator]
Reforge: 52 Hit Rating -> 52 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Heroic Dungeon drop from Baron Ashbury in Shadowfang Keep.

Ring: [Elementium Destroyer's Ring]
Reforge: 35 Crit Rating -> 35 Dodge Rating
Obtained: BoE from Jewelcrafting.

Ring: [Signet of the Elder Council]
Reforge: 50 Haste Rating -> 50 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Exalted Reputation with The Earthen Ring.

Trinket: [Leaden Despair]
Reforge: Nothing.
Obtained: Heroic Dungeon drop from High Priestess Azil in Stonecore.

Trinket: [Tia's Grace]
Reforge: Nothing
Obtained: Heroic Dungeon drop from Siamat in the Lost City of the Tol'Vir.

Weapon: [Seliza's Spear]
Reforge: 54 Crit Rating -> 54 Dodge Rating
Obatined: Heroic Dungeon drop from General Husam in the Lost City of the Tol'vir.

Relic: [Sandshift Relic]
Reforge: 25 Hit Rating -> 25 Dodge Rating
Obtained: Heroic Dungeon drop from Ascendant Lord Obsidious in Blackrock Caverns.


  1. Does the jewelcrafting trinket trump porcelain crab if you have access?

  2. I need to update this with a couple of changes. First I'm going to switch in Tia's Grace for Porcelain Crab.

    However to answer your question, from a straight mitigation perspective, no it doesn't. However if HP is your issue, then yes it does. It'll be largely up to you to determine which one to pick based on the gear you currently have.

  3. Fantastic work, thumbs up !

  4. why boots of the predator vs crafty's gaiters?

  5. hi, just found your blog, it's great :D
    just a couple of questions, to get this straight...
    for gemming: where should I go with agility? should I put agi+stam in blue sockets or all stam? in colorless sockets just stam? agi? or a mix?

    trinkets: being an alchemist, i have stam+socket+mastery trinket, to pair with it, should i go with Leaden Dispair or Porcelain Crab? I just don't know how much stam is enough

    and last one, for Flasks, 300stam or 300 agi?
    is there a break point where i can say i have enough stam to zerg agi or the other way arround? or is it just a balance?

    Tyvm, sorry if being annoying, trying to understand where to stand with agi vs stam

  6. sorry, again me, from the last comment :S
    I'll rephrase some thing.... when i'm looking for a socket bonus, is it agi+some? or stam+some?
    when I don't mind the bonus (lets say +10 haste) is it +40agi?

    Sorry again, thanks

  7. sorry again :S i was at work, with blocked wowhead, didn't see the gemmed thing :S really really sorry, you can remove all this comments
    still... flask.. stam or agi? :P

  8. Agi all the way :)

  9. I know your list doesnt include Crafted Epic, but do you recomend getting them if you have the chance? They're 359s but the chest is missing slots ( but its stats are alot more then the listed BIS).

  10. Whoa, bunch of Q's to answer. I'm really bad at this:

    1) Boots of the Predator win because of the Socket, which means more Agility.

    2) Gemming: Agility, with 2 Orange Agility/Dodge gems to activate the Meta. I use Hit for my Blue gems when there's a socket bonus I really like (20+ Mastery/Agi) although you could use Stam too.

    3) Trinket question: Take the Alchy Trinket and Tia's. If you need more health (and you won't) grab Leaden Despair too.

    4) Flask: Agi is better than Stam, but Mastery and Armor elixir combination beats them both and is cheaper.

    5) Assassin's Chestpiece is definitely better if you can pick it up, as is the Belt.

    Hope that helps and sorry for the delay :(

  11. oh, tyvm, I'll see if I can get the chest too then :D

  12. you posted cloak of thredd as BiS and I was wondering how it compared to the epic cloak from guardians of hyjal exalted? I've read two posts that say cloak of thredd but I've asked several players in game and they say they'd probably go with the epic one so I don't know which ne to get.

  13. Hyjal Exalted cloak is much, much easier to get. However it is slightly (and I stress slightly) inferior to Thredd. Both are pretty solid options.

  14. http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=56344:56338:58134:56455:57918:58132:63435:63454:62433:52348:62362:56347:56394:63473:56382:56316&weights=Druid%20-%20Feral%20(Tank);22:41:21:45:170:96:20:117:115:97:77:119:103;100:75:48:41:16:13:10:10:7:5:5:5:1

    So you can see general stats.