EJ = Sad Panda

Took EJ off my link list because their theorycrafting is mostly crap now.

Plus they use Rawr for choosing tank gear.


  1. I would like to know your thoughts behind why you think EJ is full of it now. Which areas do you disagree with?

  2. Don't get me wrong, there's some stuff that is actually decent (threat modifiers), but the gear and stat weights are questionable.

    Stamina, while good for health, is pretty terrible at everything else. There are socket bonuses that are worth gemming for (+20 or +30 Agility for example).

    You never reforge Mastery into anything. Ever. It's irrelevant how often you have SD up if it's proccing more often than the boss is hitting you. The relevant data is how much you are absorbing on average, which is a relation of the size of the shield to how many hits its blocking.

    Parry-Haste doesn't exist anymore. While that was corrected later on, the fact that it was even considered during the construction of their pre-raid list makes me skeptical of anything else.

    They seem to still be stuck in the midset of "omg health is everything". When it really isn't.

    Plus Rawr has been historically terrible for selecting tanking gear.

  3. Over at Eao's site he used RAWR but did mention you have to be very careful in selecting options. His latest argument is that dodge and mastery are about equal and you can reforge mastery into dodge especially if you do heroics (5 man) since vengence won't be a big factor.

  4. Negatory. It doesn't matter that Mastery is equal to Dodge (which it isn't, Dodge is actually better - there's a point on the DR curve where this will change, but we can't hit it yet). You would always reforge whatever the other secondary stat is on the item with Mastery into Dodge. Be that Hit, Exp, Crit, or Haste. Mastery is more valuable than any of those.